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Try out the picture to html converter. Very cool.

  • The folks at Sandia have made the world's smallest microchain drive . " A microchain that closely resembles a bicycle chain — except that each link could rest comfortably atop a human hair —" The Department of Energy's Sandia National Labs are also responsible for building a field of solar reflecting mirrors that heat molten salt up to 1050 F. Tanks of the molten salt can store heat for turbine power for up to a week.
  • All about meteors and meteorites. "Bodies that enter our atmosphere become visible when they are about 60 mi above the ground. The fact that they grow hot enough to emit light is not due to the "friction" of the atmosphere, as one often reads. The phenomenon responsible for the heating is one of compression. Unconfined air cannot move faster than the speed of sound. Since the entering meteorite moves with 30 to 60 times the speed of sound, the air simply cannot get out of the way. Therefore, it is compressed like the air in the cylinder of a diesel engine and is heated by compression. This heat-or part of it-is transferred to the moving body. The details of this process are now fairly well understood as a result of reentry tests with ballistic-missile nose cones."
  • The Ultimate Grand Prix Car - Why Performance Limits in F1 are Necessary. "Potentially the most lethal combination of technologies would be ground effect and active suspension. The former relies on a very low but consistent even ride height to be maintained by the suspension in order for the air pressure effect to suck the car down onto the road. The latter is designed to produce a very low yet consistent even ride height to maximise the performance of the car's aerodynamics. The combination of the two would be more than just a sum of its parts. Straight-line speed would not necessarily increase, but the gains in cornering speeds would be tremendous and incredibly dangerous. The cars would barely have to brake before turing into a fast corner like the Parabolica at Monza. "

Web stuff
  • The Case Against Knowledge Management "By IDC's estimate, knowledge management software and services will be a $6 billion industry in 2002."
  • The Myth of "Seven, Plus or Minus 2" "The effort it takes to repeatedly choose categories across many levels of a deep hierarchy outweighs the effort to scan many items in a broad navigation. "
  • Scripting in Style A clear explanation of how to customize a page using CSS and Javascript. "...remember that the browser will only support cookies if you are connected to a Web server. If you simply display HTML files from your local hard drive, the browser won't provide any cookies and the scripts will not work." I should have know that.
  • CSS tricks for branding "Styling form elements is one of the more widely used applications of CSS. Invariably some questions pop-up again and again, and to answer them, no matter what z-index you use, some form elements will always show through, because the browser uses the O/S to render them, instead of doing them itself." I should have known that too.

This Chicago blog instantly goes on the list:, an exploration of how to buy and eat local in Chicago. The list of local shops in Chicago is a great resource, with many of my favorites on it. I'll have to make a few suggestions, like Lincolnwood Produce, a big Greek influenced market with many unusual things. It's on Lincoln and Kostner (near Touhy in Lincolnwood).

Saturday night was the scene of a Chicago webloggers' meeting, which included the very-midwestern culture of bowling and pancakes. (pics to be added later). Me3dia, lay-c and phonezilla have some visual documentation of the event. During the pancake dinner, we discussed our weblog community, potential collaborative projects and the nature of blogging as a form of expression and as literature.

Such a discussion helps me re-assess the purpose of this weblog. As any regular reader knows by now, KIPlog is hardly expressive. It may be an expression of my interests, but it's not a personal outlet for feelings and you would have to squint pretty hard to notice personal moods. You won't ever see any of those cute icons that smile when I'm happy or have little crosses for eyes when I'm drunk.

However I do intend to add a bit more than I usually do. But then I also intend to add more photos and to do a standards compliant redesign.

KIPlog will always be an exploration of knowledge on the Web and I will always hold a distinction between the introspective web journal and the outward looking weblog (using the word as it was originally coined). That isn't to say that I don't find introspective, insightful journals worthy reading. You will find me link to such worthy reading fairly often and you will find fine examples of that particular craft over in the left column. As the Chicago weblog community grows, forgive me if I don't include everyone in the "Chicago Blogs" box to the left. Some I will overlook as the community expands or is uncovered, some I will reserve judgement on for awhile, and some I will consciously filter out. If a blog gives me no inspiration, insight or enlightenment, then chances are, it's not giving the author any of that either, and the blog will fizzle and die.

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  • The seven wonders of the web
  • The Internet Taxman Cometh "October 21, 2001 was an important date in Internet history, but one that passed without much notice. This was the day that the temporary three-year moratorium on Internet taxes expired."
  • eNarrative's Chat with Peter Merholz "I don't believe any of our clients use weblogs. Our clients tend towards the big and corporate, and such notions of unregulated publishing would likely cause managers to break out into cold sweats. "
  • 10 things Google has found to be true - "7) There's always more information out there. ...Google's researchers continue looking into ways to bring all the world's information to users seeking answers. " While over at google check out Zeitgeist "Our Year-End Google Zeitgeist feature provides a glimpse at what captivated the world over the past 12 months, based on the most popular search terms on the world's most popular search engine."

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  • List of 2001 lists "I assumed that I would reach some conclusions; that once it's all over, I would have learned something; that I would have something to say. But 200+ links later, I've learned nothing from the cacophony. It's not the kind of cacophony that one can write about -- no, this kind is stultifying."
  • Top Science News stories of 2001
  • Why Champagne makes you tipsy quicker "The reason why champagne makes you more drunk than wine still remains a mystery. According to Ms Ridout, "One theory is that the very high carbon dioxide content, an estimated 250 million bubbles per glass, somehow speeds up the flow of alcohol into the small intestines and force more alcohol into the bloodstream." "
  • And because its the bubbly time of year we all should learn from this Quicktime video on Opening a Bottle of Sparkling Wine

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