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Some Knowledge is Power links:

  • How to write a UN resolution "United Nations resolutions follow a common format. Each resolution has three parts: the heading, the preamble and the operative clauses. It is one long sentence with commas and semicolons throughout the resolution and with a period at the very end." via growlers, who has a good post on the language of the lastest from the UN, including a randomly generated resolution. "For entertainment purposes only. Please do not submit these resolutions to the actual UN Security Council. Any resemblance of the draft resolution above to any actual resolutions is purely coincidental. To my knowledge, the UN Security Council has not authorized any of this. But then again, consensus on the Council is at a premium right now, and it does take nine votes to authorize things."
  • Artificially intelligent IA Improving the Information Architecture of your Movable Type entries. "The changes detailed above tell Movable Type to build date-based directories for your archives and name the archive files according to the title of your entry."
  • Social Science at 190MPH This First Monday article from a few years ago is a good primer on NASCAR's restrictor plate race dynamics, and how it applies to complexity theory, social network analysis, game theory and everyday life. Found linked in Slate's article "Fortune 500, Meet Daytona 500 What NASCAR can teach us about business" which focuses on the First Monday paper.

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Now I know the east coast is having trouble dealing with it, and my parents are snowbound in a Connecticut casino, but I am a little upset that Chicago missed out on the fun, and my town of Evanston got nothing. Ever since I've moved from NJ, it seems that they get all the fun snow storms.

curiousLee has some nice pictures that make me jealous, as well as some links to others who have pictures. Even Deb took a break from foodblogging to shoot the snow.

Google buys Pyra

I really don't have anything to say about this news, other than I'm sure this will been seen as a milestone in the history of the Web. Evan explains: "to have access to these amazing resources (not just money, and servers, and bandwidth, and traffic, and the index, but incredible brains) is a dream scenario." Some interesting comments over at blogroots.

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Random Links

Still Yet More random links

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Random Links

More random links

  • A new Corante blog: Amateur Hour: the "me" in media "Whether blogging, creating flash animations, web commix or inventive hybrids, more and more people are turning off their TV and being inspired to make cool stuff instead. "
  • Chicago Tribune's hipness test via rah
  • That rabbit girl Smart, current Chicago blog on art and books
  • Damn, I forgot to celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

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