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Stuff you need to know

"I Invented the Weblog!"
William Safire, comments on the etymology of the word 'blog'. Now we all know Tim Berners-Lee starting blogging with the first website, Jorn Barger coined the term weblog, and peterme shortened it to blog and Dave Winer claims to be the the longest-running weblog on the Internet. Of course all these giants of weblogging, pale in comparision to Mirsky, an absolute genius with the classic form of link and pithy comment. Burned out by 1996, Mirsky perfected the link as a punchline and also proved himself as one of the first tireless pioneers of Web exploration with his 2 year stint doing the daily Worst of the Web page.

"I invented the JPEG!"
A Texas company, Forgent, claims they hold the patent on the JPEG. Here's the BBC story and the Wired article. Fortunately the experts at JPEG are working to build a "a substantial repository of prior art" to disprove the claim, and Forgent only has four years to collect before the patent runs out.

Yet even more links
  • My new favorite 404 page
  • I, pencil No one person knows how to make a pencil. The one great lesson the pencil teaches -"Leave all creative energies uninhibited." via skewness, a Chicago blog.

Useful links
Information you can use.

I guess I have to do this sooner or later.

Google! DayPop! This is my blogchalk: English, United States, Chicago, Evanston, Paul, Male, 36-40.

Maybe one day I'll go out to my curb to warchalk my Airport Network, but right now I'm going pubchalking.

Another List o' links
  • Wordlog A good place to learn new words - Opossify, v., to intoxicate a marsupial. Camoo, n. An existentialist cow.
  • The Scoop on Poop Everything you really didn't want to know about poop.
  • TCPA/Palladium FAQ Learn about the government's and Microsoft's latest plan to control everything on your PC.
  • Adam Felber has a blog
  • Another Chicago Blog - Laughter is Music. It started as a sports odds blog, but recently has been covering the fascinating world of Chicago news and politics. I was waiting for a blog to come around and do that.

List o' links

Intelligent Design and Evolution
Intelligent Design is the idea that things could not have evolved the way the are because they are too complex to have happened by accident or to have evolved gradually from a non-functioning beta to a fully functionally system. The argument is that these systems, organisms and everything that connects them, must have been designed. These following two articles help explain away this creationist babble: Intelligent Design Is Creationism in a Cheap Tuxedo ID is not a scientific theory. If we had previously attributed the unexplainable to design, we would still be using Thor's hammer to explain thunder.

15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense See number 14

William Calvin, Author of A Brain for All Seasons: Human Evolution and Abrupt Climate Change, has a Weblog and it's full of good reading including his recent interview on The Well about his book and a piece on the real loss of Stephen Jay Gould.
Steve's demise reminds me of that fourfold hierarchy of data, information, knowledge, and wisdom. In science, getting raw data is hard enough. Then you have to refine it: information is "data that makes a difference." Some of it yields knowledge of how things really work. But turning knowledge into wisdom is the most difficult step, not often accomplished. You need a lot of knowledge stored in your head that can simmer for awhile. In some fields of intellectual endeavor, especially history and the historical sciences, creative people get better as they get older. The near-doubling of the average human lifespan in some countries has meant a lot in terms of being able to successfully turn knowledge into wisdom.

Local Weblogs
In local blogging news, I'm sad to take girlwonder off the chicago list to the left since Molly has left our fair city for San Francisco. But the good news is Phineas is back, I finally changed the link to the spanking new nadablog, and I added Spudart, which I should have done awhile ago. This list is getting longer, and I'm taking my time and being picky about additions. The now official Chicago Blogs webring is close to 100 members. I may have to join one of these days.

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