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The horror, the horror
The newest evil thing about to arrive on thousands of computers isn't MS Palladium or the latest Outlook virus, it's this.

Postscript: my original post pointed to a Hello Kitty USB port that sat on top of your monitor on typed along with you. This product has completely disappeared from the Dream Kitty site, so I replaced it with the Hello Kitty Computer Display decoration.

It's been awhile since I made a list of interesting weblogs.
  • Tara Grubb is running for congress in North Carolina. This lively forum is a brilliant use of the blog and comment system. The only problem I see for her is filtering out opinions and views from people outside her district. This is the Web after all, and she's just invited the world into her discussion. "At this site you have the chance to influence my campaign and our future." I wouldn't like to see special interest "influence" having an effect on this, or on any future candidate blogs.
  • TechnoErotica Web Exploration, Expedition and Cartography
  • Where's Charlie? A sports blog with a unique perspective - from a sports photographer.
  • Chi Lib Rocks! "This blog is a service of the Chicago Library System, for its member libraries and librarians."
  • Not technically a blog, ask E.T. is a forum of questions frequently answered by information design guru Edward Tufte. My link is to the new answers.

For the first time in almost three years of blogging, somebody I know "off the internet" started a blog. I think I suggested he should do one years ago. So go visit the brand spankin' new Communitas Nexus. Matthew is a cultural anthropologist who, I know, will have quite a few intelligent things to say. I love his tagline "updating your brain with one more stranger". Although, as they say - strangers are friends you haven't met yet, and you'll be suprised how many friends you can make in the blogosphere.

List of links
  • Spamdemic Map "See what happens when you don't practice safe mailing?" See the connections between companies and your spam. via lost
  • Gizmodo the gadget blog, via blogroots
  • Words Drive Action: An Interview with Gerry McGovern "My approach doesn't ignore the software or the visuals, but focuses fundamentally on the words on the page. That's because, it is words that drive actions on a web page."
  • Creative Contrast Control Good quick lesson for B/W manipulation from the Digital Journalist. "But, we are not going to use the contrast controls of Photoshop, we are going to use the curve control." Never use the contrast controls in Photoshop unless you purposely want to eliminate detail.
  • Hoax E-mails and Bonsai Kittens: Are You E-literate in the Docuverse? "Marshall (1996) sees a confusion of knowledge with information as a prime miscreant in this argument, and that our continuing societal requirement with knowing 'how' (information) as opposed to knowing that something is in fact the case (knowledge), has led us to confuse the two and be comfortable with it. Or perhaps in our attention economy, we don't have time to work out which is which and the delineation between the two is not seen as being so relevant anymore."

Evanston Blogs
The Blog world (or blogosphere as some will call it) has grown to the point that I've added an Evanston Weblog list in the sidebar. Don't worry, I'm not going to start a ring, I can't imagine trying to administrate all the Northwestern blogs that come and go within a month (some of them have ben excellent and I'm sorry to see them go).

While on the subject of local blogs, if you write one or read them, come on over to the Hopleaf, at 5148 N. Clark´St., Thursday 08/08, and met-up with some of the Chicagoland bloggers. Chances are you'll recognize us.

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