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Some stuff to check out
Slowly working my way back into blogging.

  • ChicagoUncommon Some fabulous photography
  • An Anonymous surfing tool. I'm not that paranoid about giving out the kind of info a webpage can collect, but I've been asked about this subject enough to point it out. "Silenter can also be used to bypass the proxy servers of businesses, schools, and other organizations, to display pages which normally couldn't be shown. "

Some more quotes from around the Web. Again, I'll let you go figure out their context.

From Golublog
"Pigs are given for every major lifecycle event. Or, to put it another way, every major lifecycle event is a pig distribution."

From Donkeymon
"The strange part is, every time a student enters the room, he or she must say 'shitsure shimashisu' which essentially means 'My very presence at this place and time is inexcusably rude and I call upon your forbearance to save me from decapitation.' "

Weblog Notes
Okay, I'm back. I just went a month without posting, the longest stretch yet. Several variables have contributed to the gap in postings, but it just boils down to general laziness. Its going to take a month to catch up on everything I've missed. Here's a short list.

Some great quotes from around the Web. I'll let you go figure out their context.

From Black Belt Jones
"Make each note secrete a distinct chemical marking on impact with the flipchart: a territorial-pissing that if dislodged, the transplanted motive power and instinct of seacucumber-derived fibres of the displaced post-it can home back in on."

From JOHO the Blog
"As they say in churches around the land: Bingo!"

From Hivelogic
"With one sweep of my arm across the table, I knocked the mess of glassware to the floor and began composing. Using nothing more than a filthy paper table-napkin as my tablet and a cigarette-butt as a pencil, I began scrawling code."

From My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
"9. "George Bush and Corporate America at the Earth Summit" is an acceptable role playing/fantasy game."

From Alton Brown's Blog
"So, if you don't want to listen to me... fine. But before you pour 3-5 gallons of perfectly flammable hydrocarbons into that big, wobbly, top heavy pot on Thanksgiving morn, you might want to think about what other products around your home can be connected with the words "engulfed" and "flames"."

Weblog Notes
All bloggers at some point will feel the urge to apologize for not posting. It usually comes at the point when you realize you actually have people reading your blog and you feel bad for letting those readers down. It also comes from some self-preservation gene telling you that if you don't produce, you will won't survive, or at least you won't rise in social rank (which in the blog world means traffic). I never really cared about traffic, so I never really found it my responsibility to post daily. After all nobody's paying me to do this. But now, for some reason I'm all of a sudden getting a flow of actual correspondence with readers and other bloggers. I'm not sure why this is happening, but I do enjoy it. However, I seem to have lost the few hours everyday that I would have had to read, respond and complete whatever was requested of me.

So all that said, I won't apologize for slow blogging, but I will apologize to those who deserve to be responded to, or deserve to have a link added around here on the appropriate list, or whose very thoughtful suggestion might go ignored.

And if you have more time than I do, go read something great.

Some Links
  • '96 pc of Net Radio' to close after backroom deal screws grassroots 'casters

    The passage of HR.5469 would, at a stroke, reduce the spectrum from thousands to a few dozen commercial players.

    Every new technology medium seems to enjoy a delicious moment, between being born as a vehicle for human creativity controlled by no one, into a Pigopolistic advertising channel, controlled by very few. If you care about Internet radio, and you're American, assail your Senators today. If you don't, that moment will have already have passed.

  • MS pulls fake Mac-to-Windows testimonial After being Slashdotted, Microsoft realized that the Mac Zealots aren't so stupid afterall. I love this quote from Patrick King: "apparently this woman, who so loves her XP operating system, is not only a freelance writer, but a stock photography model as well. no doubt her parents are giddy with pride."

  • While we're on the subject of stock photography, read Photographs or Burgers?, an editorial in the Digital Journalist

    "In fact, the whole concept of an individual photograph having an intrinsic journalistic or artistic value is fast being lost. Those photographs have become nothing more than visual stock. They are like those fast food hamburgers, dispensed by the millions. Meanwhile, in the future, unless something gives, more and more photographers will end being those people flipping burgers by the millions."

Knowledge on the Web
How to fold a dollar bill into an armadillo. Finding important knowledge like this is why I blog. Thanks to the invisible broadcast system.

My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. This is a case of finding an extremely interesting weblog by its title. I recognized the title of the excellent Eno/Byrne album, and said mildly to myself as I clicked on the link "oh here's some kid who named his blog after an album title to make himself sound cool". I realized my prejudice was way off the instant I landed on a blog written by a fascinating character who I won't even attempt to do a paraphrase-bio on. Follow the info on him to see detailed stories and photographs of the mountains of the moon in Uganda, and how to go skiing in Lebanon and not die. We Web designers love to complain about our clients. Read Bermi's Days, to get an idea of a Web designers idea of hell - northern Tanzania.
"web design can be tough. so far, i've been in two road accidents, been admitted into hospital three times and had malaria, typhoid and a bone infection. and fear, lots of it.

there are several obstacles to web design out in northern tanzania. there's no electricity, one telephone, the roads are terrible and it's a three day round trip to ftp from an arusha cybercafe."

I also learned that Eno and Byrne actually borrowed the title themselves from a book written in 1954 by Amos Tutola.

Some links
Just some links I've been busy preparing for my little presentation on weblogs this Saturday, but I have found some interesting things during my travels around stealing references and quotes.
  • America's Cup blog
  • Harbor Watch Boating related news from around the world.
  • I was unsure whether this should go in my foodblog or not, so I'm posting it on both blogs.
  • cheesedip not as food related as it sounds, but a source for a few of my recent links
  • Oh, by the way everybody, the Bush-upside-down book photo is fake.

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