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Kiwi Intrigue
I usually don't get involved in these consiracy things, but I wanted to mention ECHELON here. 10/21 was Jam ECHELON day and I poked around til I found this Chapter on how the worldwide system of communications interception works. The book itself called "Secret Power - New Zealand's Role in the International Spy Network". (only 2 chapters are online) I of course liked the New Zealand angle.

Can't resist
This link to a page full of dancing hamsters has no relevance to what this page's mission is. Thats why I'm linking to it. Make sure your sound is turned up.

Ever talk to a machine?
I started to play around with some chatterbots the other day. I don't know much about these things but I guess most of them are just relational databases that talk. I'll do more on these as time goes on. The most interesting one I talked to was Brain. The conversation was very natural and he seemed polite. He knows quite a bit about Artificial Intelligence and how he works. Talk to him in full sentences.

Oct, 20 - Weblog notes Been lax in my duties here. been busy, been camping, been lazy.

Email scam stories
There's been a new flood of the "Microsoft email tracing program" scam. let's arm ourselves with knowledge folks. Although its easy to make fun of newbies who fall for this stuff, its hard to let them down easy if its one of your clients or family members. Check out the Urban Legend Combat Kit for a list of the more common ones and how to respond to people who send them to you. The 9-0# phone scam is another one that just came into our office this week

Oct, 12 - Weblog notes Still debating whether to use dates for my entries. I guess I'm afraid it'll look like I'm lazy if the entries are too far apart. Work is proceeding slowly on the feedback, links and archive section. Still have to decide how to work those sections. I've been able to add a link or two every couple of days and at this pace its not as time-consuming as I thought.

Portable Network Graphics
Somebody asked me about PNG (Portable Network Graphic) files and whether to use it replace the GIF files. PNG advantage is (among others) better image color accuracy across platforms. Here's why. Unfortunately only the newest browsers can display 'em. If you want to make sure some people don't get that broken image icon you have to go through all of this. There's lots of other reasons why PNG is cool, like alpha channels (for true transperency). But again these features are not fully supported yet. If you want to know everything read the Story of PNG

The Death of Alex Lowe
Kinda off the subject/theme of this page, but important. The world's best climber has died in the mountains. Its astounding what this guy has done, his most recent climb was the Great Trango tower's 5,000-foot northwest face. That's 5,000 feet straight up. Those of you with a fully functional browser check out the Trango coverage at If the words "plug-in" scare you read about it here.

On the subject of plug-ins...
Showing people the cutting edge of Web design is the main idea here, so I'm going to try to cover how to beef-up your browser for the more serious pages out there at some point (maybe this weekend). A site like is only cutting edge if your browser is cutting edge. Stay tuned for more on this subject.

Oct, 6 - Weblog notes I'm making an effort to add a link or two every few days so it'll be worth it to check back here once in awhile. Also the list of entries on this page is getting longer than I wanted to normally have. The original idea was to have this page small and concise so you won't have to skim a huge list. Older stuff will soon be found in the archive.

What is Guerilla Ontology?
Check out this historic timeline to find out. Basically its "suppressed, ignored, and misplaced pre-historical cultural evidence that would alter the established interpretations of human origins." The site is suppose to work with frames but it's clumsy, and some of the links are dead but this site is impressive for the amount of work it probably took to link all the references.

Underground adventures
Most of you have seen the abandoned missile silo tour, but here's a site about British underground structures from Subterrenae Brittancica. Their Research Study group is all about Cold war structures in the UK. M.E. found this real estate site where you can actually buy one of these to move into. Some really cool places listed. Coming soon from me will be a few pictures of my latest trip into the bunker in Sandy Hook NJ.

Stupid, stupid
The Network Solutions free email security hole story sounds much worse than it really is, but everyone in this business should realize just how stupid a blunder the whole thing was. Hotmail having a hole is one thing, but when the purveyor of every .com .org. and .net domain goofs like that, it makes you ask where else have they messed up. Here's an explanation from 2600

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