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If you've encountered this page, either you, the referring page, or I screwed up somewhere. Check your spelling.

If you've come from a search engine looking for something, it is probably here someplace. This is a Weblog, a Web site which is updated frequently with links and comments. The newest updates appear at the top of the page. If you've entered some keywords in a search engine and arrived here, those keywords are somewhere within a year's worth of rambling. But I don't have a site wide search so you'll have to dig around using your browsers 'find in page' function. Try the main archive page first, which lists the most often searched for articles.

If you've come here from a bookmark or a link that always worked, sorry about that, I was forced to add an 'l' on the end of my index.htm file because of Movable type. I'm figuring away around that.